Founded in 2016 by cidermaker Jeremy Towsey-French, Reveille Ciderworks –Astoria’s first and only hard cider manufacturer– opened its flagship taproom and laboratory in beautiful Astoria, Oregon. Reveille delivers an ongoing evolution of pre-prohibition farmhouse and country-style hard ciders that harken back to early American recipes long lost in the annals of history.

Early American Roots, Modern-Day Craft Cider

Jumping to dry ground on the East coast of the United States after harrowing journeys across the Atlantic, European explorers and pilgrims took to North America with a combination of hope, fear and determination. Hard apple cider –a beverage in ready supply and well-seasoned for the trans-Atlantic journey– was often the libation that fueled their drive. In addition to keeping plenty of cider stocked for their overseas journey, these early Americans also came to the new world stocked with their own apple starts, ready to begin new crops here in uncharted lands.

Once established in the new world, early American settlers took to making the hearty hard ciders so common in their homeland. The simple and tasty byproduct of farmhouse ale production (as they leveraged the leftover yeast from beer fermentation), these utility ciders quickly found wide appeal among a wide array of drinkers spanning the social strata. Utility ciders thus formed the foundation of America’s original hard cider recipes, where protecting the sanctity of individual apple varieties was secondary to generating yeasty, bold and deeply satisfying farmhouse cider profiles.

While prohibition resulted in the almost complete demise of this truly American libation, many of these original recipes persisted in small pockets of the Northeastern United States and beyond. Here in the Northwest, early proponents of more distinct old world styles (like Portland’s Reverend Nat –the grandfather of Oregon’s farmhouse ciders) enabled cider drinkers to experience original American cider for the first time.

Founded on the principle of creating an original craft hard cider evocative of this dynamic part of a brave new world, Reveille hard ciders feature Northwest fruits fermented with sharp and distinctive beer yeasts, recreating the experience of enjoying small-batch Belgian farmhouse and English pub-style hard ciders.

Every batch of Reveille hard cider is based on a unique blend of northwest apples, which impart their own powerful character on every recipe. As such, while some of the names might stay the same, each batch is its own unique iteration, featuring incremental recipe changes to highlight and compliment the most dominant apple varieties in each batch. With Reveille hard cider, you can expect new layers of intrigue in every glass, as familiar styles unfold to expose new flavors and experiences.

Reveille is committed to reproducing the unique taste and character of the old-world European utility ciders that powered our early American ancestors so long ago –and do again today.

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